Which kinds of device are compatible with the CBC Rider app?

The CBC Rider app is compatible with iOS and Android smart devices. The iOS version should be 7.0 or later. The Android version should not be older than 4.0.

Is there a fee to use the CBC Rider app? Is registration required?

The app is free of charge. You can use the app without registration. Just enter your phone number, get the verification code and start riding.

How do I make a booking request with CBC Rider?

Open the “New Booking” screen within the app. Your location is automatically determined via GPS. You can also set your pick-up location by directly pinning it on the map.

Slide to choose the type of car that you would like to request and tap on “BOOK NOW” or “PRE-BOOK” button to make an on – demand or in – advance request.

You may also enter additional information and tap on the “Request Car” button to request your ride (Optional).

What should I do if I need to talk to the driver about the ride?

At any time, you can easily contact your driver by phone or send a message to your driver to discuss your ride. It is also possible to track your driver and the route on the real – time map within the app.

Can I receive an estimate of the fare for my ride?

Yes. Press the “Trip Estimate” button after providing your destination address and you will get details on your estimated fare, distance and ETA.

Can I cancel my request after it is accepted?

Yes. Simply tap on the “Cancel” button on the screen to cancel your booking. In this case, you may be charged a “Cancellation Fee” according to our cancellation policy.

Can I make a reservation in advance?

Yes. You can pre – book a ride via our app or on our website:

Within the CBC Rider app, select your requested pick-up time on the Confirmation screen to schedule your trip in advance.

On the CBC website, click on theBook Now button to schedule your reservation in advance.


Is my credit/debit card information safe while using my credit/debit card on the CBC Rider app or website?

Yes. Your credit card information is kept secure and private while using CBC Rider app or website. All data is transferred in an encrypted format to ensure your transactions are secure.

What type of surcharge fees does CBC Rider charge?

In certain situations certain surcharges may apply, including but not limited to Airport, Toll, and Heavy Traffic surcharges. These surcharges are calculated based on the real situation and are detailed completely on your receipts.

Can I keep record of my payment history?

Yes. All your transaction history is fully stored in the app. Open the Menu bar and tap on the “Receipts” option to view and manage your trip receipts. You can also have your receipts emailed to you from the app.

I have a promo code. How can I use it?

Before requesting your ride, tap on the “Promo Code” button on the Confirmation screen to redeem your promo code and the appropriate discount will be applied to your trip.


Can I provide feedback to CBC on the driver?

Yes. A driver rating system integrated into our app. After the trip, you can rate your driver with a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” and provide detailed feedback on his/her performance.

What if my driver does not show up?

When a driver accepts your request, you can contact them if you have questions about the ride. If your assigned driver has an unexpected issue and cannot complete the trip, your request will be auto-assigned to another available driver.

What is a CBC cleanup fee?

A cleanup fee may be incurred if you or any passenger in your party caused any damages to the driver’s vehicle. If that happens you may be charged a cleanup fee. Fee can range between $45.00 and $175.00 depending on the situation. Should you have any further questions regarding this fee, please email us at

I left something in the car. What can I do?

Your trip history is recorded in the app under the “My Bookings” tab, including the vehicle plate number, phone number and driver ID of your driver. You can easily contact your driver as soon as possible after the ride to arrange retrieval of your items.

You can also contact our customer support services at:

What if I forgot to enter my destination address?

Not a problem. Just let your driver know where you want to go and (s)he will take you there.

Have more questions? Please contact